Top 5 Himachal Simple Treks for Starters

Simple treks are very popular for beginners in Himachal, as everyone needs to get started. No better beginning than walking can be linked to nature. Want to discover some incredible, but simple hikes in the Himachal Pradesh region? You’re a beginner?


It is an adventure of its own to hike in Himachal Pradesh! An experienced, life-changing, soul-compliant, future-builder. There’s more about trekking than any other mode of travel in cumulative terms.


Being in the majestic mountain teaches you so much, and the fresh air and starry nights will make you think and wonder if you are really in the wild as a trekker!


Himachal Pradesh was always a favorite tourist destination in India. There are so many stages of trekking that this state cannot be overlooked while planning an adventure. So why not start with India’s most famous trekking state?


Why choose your Beginner Trek from Himachal Pradesh?


For traveling and experienced people the Himalayan treks are the most valued remembrance. Himalayan folds make myself very appealing to all those who want to communicate with nature, due to the mysticism of hills; the aura of the unknown; and the pleasure of looking out into places always in contrast! The trails are insanely amazing, the views you get are worth the sweat and you will be pleased to have seen many others!


Build on how to walk the Himalayas and also talk about Uttarakhand’s sister state. In the Himachal Pradesh landscape we’re going to dive way down. Treks in Himachali are a sight, and of course people flock to Himachal Pradesh because there is a reason. For the places where few people have placed foot and must feel for themselves, words are never enough. Here, we try to make it easier for you to plan for what you want!


  1. Hampta Pass Trek


The Hampta Pass Trek is probably the best trek in Himachal Pradesh for beginners. The Hampta Pass Trek offers a memorable experience, as it has some of the most beautiful landscapes imaginable. On the wild journey from dense forests into the lush green valleys. You will start your journey into the wild.


The biggest point of sale of this Himachali beginner-level tour must be the dramatic landscapes and the abundance of views. The crossing of a river is also an advantage. I must also bring to your attention the beautiful campsites, if I have not sold it enough so far, that will give you panoramic views and clear night skies!


  1. Prashar Lake Trek


This lake is a blessing to all those who have not sufficient time in the Himachali field for a long trip. This trek can be finished from Delhi for a long weekend and provides a 180° view of the mountains of Pir Panjal, Dhaulandhar and Kinnaur.


The temple of Prashar Rishi near the lake is also another benefit for those interested in ancient architecture. This beautiful sunset can be the only way to visit Prashar Lake from the lake. Imagine the amount of fun that you can have for a long weekend is a pure pleasure!


  1. Triund Trek


Triund must be one of the most common treks for beginners in Himachal Pradesh. You would definitely have been recommended this trek if you were a new trekker! This weekend trek from Delhi, which is located in the Dhaulandhar region, is known for its 22 steep curves along the way.


This simpler and more lean walk gives the views of the Indrahar pass some of the most stunning. The best thing about this Himachali Trek is that it is available all year long and in the winter it gets fascinatingly beautiful. If you’re looking over a weekend for your first hike, this is the best choice.


  1. Bhrigu Lake Trek


Would you like to hear a more adventurous story? Well, the tour of the Bhrigu Lake will be the symbol of a newcomer. This trek is a three-day walk to the ambitious height of 14000 feet to reach the high alpine glacial lake. And you will be gliding on the meadows for much of this trip – this trek’s definite highlight.


Normally, it takes at least four days for most Himalayan treks to reach that height. But you can achieve this high in about two days with this Himachali Beginners Trek. This is a great adventure for beginners particularly!


From the path of this trek, you can see magnificent peaks such as Deo Tibba and seven Sisters, a beautiful accompanying view! You will also be able to conclude this walk at the Vashisth hot water springs, where all your pain can be relieved.


  1. Kareri Lake Trek


A two-day trek that takes you away from the turmoil to a blissful lake. Most people don’t know this place exists, the special thing about this Kareri Lake trek! And on the trail, there are very few trekkers. The isolation degree is addictive and the interaction with nature is unmatched. At all times of the year, the lake is still breathtaking.


The summer and moon months, however, provide a fascinating experience. Another attraction near the shore, being Dev Bhoomi Himachal, is the temple of Lord Shiva. The trek follows many towns and villages through dense pine woods, crossing Kareri Nalla on a wooden bridge several times.

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