Tadiandamol Trekking Guide



Coorg is undeniably the most sought after getaway destination in Karnataka. One could enjoy the raw beauty of the scenic rolling mountains, lush greenery, and winsome landscapes. Considered to be one of the unraveling treks of Coorg, Tadiandamol or Thadiyandamol is the highest mountain of Kodagu district, Karnataka at an elevation of 1,748 m. The majestic peak is the third highest peak in Karnataka after Mullayyanagiri & Kudremukh. Located at the Western Ghats range, the mountain has its share of shola forests in the valleys. Without demanding physically, the trek is purely at your comfort as well as highly rewarding. With enchanting views from the top and the trial amidst dense vegetation will sweep you off your feet in no time!


Major attractions of Tadiandamol trekking


Nalakand Palace


Literally meant as a Large Mountain in Kannada, Tadiandamol dates back to 1792 and is associated with Dodda Vira Rajendra. The large mountain trek begins from Nalakand palace that is at the base of the hill. It was originally built for sheltering his soldiers from the British. The Tadiandamol treks begin from Nalakand Palace.


 Padi Igguthappa Temple


Another eye-catcher to be mentioned is the Padi Igguthappa Temple. The ‘Giver of Grain’, Igguthappa is the main deity of the native Kodavas.


 Chelavara Falls


The serene waterfall is a tributary of the river Kaveri. It is said to resemble the shape of a tortoise. Chelavara Falls is located in Cheyandane village, off Talakaveri-Virajpet road and very close to Nalakand Palace 37 km from Madikeri. Though unsafe for bathing or swimming since it’s 100 meters with an unpredictable rock profile, the sound of water falling and the calm enviro will return the inner peace to you!


Breaking down the itinerary!


The trek to Tadiandamol is a mix of all landscapes. Walk, climb, jump all to arrive at the top.


 Jeep, high powered geared bike, on foot to begin with. Extending to 2.75 km starting from a drop off point, the path will introduce you to the locals and you could catch the scent of Coffee, Pepper, and Cardamom plantations. 


Paved and Downward-Sloped Dirt!

This is where the man-made plantation transits to natural settings. The part of the trek ends at a barrelled gate with a Forest Department office. Valid documents are required to proceed further on. Ferns, Shrubs, and Bushes turn up on your trial. Small waterfalls appear out of nowhere with patches of green here and there. The phase of walking ends at a plane valley, and right there, in front of you, the Tadiandamol peak. A microbiologist would raise his/her eyebrows glancing at the various species of microgreen ferns, algae, and florets on the hillside. After a huge boulder, begins another stage of the landscape of Tadiandamol peak trekking!


Carpet of Grasslands and pebbles!

With no trees blocking the view, the scenery is splendid till the end of your vision! The sun might hit you hard while strolling the grass floor. But photographers would get excited to make a flawless portrait of the sun, grassland, and the path! Shades would help your recovery so you could hike through boulders and rugged terrain from thereon. 

As you get closer to the peak, the terrain will be demanding you to walk over pebbles, stones, and boulders. A hiking pole or walking stick comes in handy so you don’t slip over! 


Forest and loose muds

The next landscape is absolutely blissful after a walk under the sun! With visible tree roots and tall trees, the shade and environment will bring back your enthusiasm to proceed to the top. You would abandon your pods because the birds chirping from far away will fill the silence!


Though walking over the loose muds might cause slipping, tumbling, and rolling over, you are now where you need to be. On reaching the top, you will exhale tiredness and sit to capture the stunning views of everything below and far off. The view will definitely pay off your sweat breaking, slipping, and even bruises. The panoramic view of the Western Ghats will instantly ease up your muscles and bring the joy of contentment. The final picture of you should be near the name board which says Zero km! Way to go, finally you get to conquer the Tadiandamol peak. 


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