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About: Rishikesh is a city in India’s northern state of Uttarakhand. Known as a sacrilege pilgrim and holding a very important value for all the sanyasis and religious people, this place is a centre of attraction and is renowned for studying yoga and meditation and finding a purpose. 

Rishikesh is also known for the temples and Ashrams (a centre for spiritual studies) one can see an amalgamation of different approaches to meditation or as a form of praying here in this sacred place. It is also known as “the yoga capital of the world”. 

The famous river Ganges flows in the city which itself holds a very pious value in the history of India. 

The eastern side of city, is traffic free, alcohol free because of the location of various yoga and meditation centre located here. 

Rishikesh apart from being a pilgrimage to an entire mass of people has a lot to offer when it comes to tourism and travelling. 

    1. Lakshman Jhula it is a suspension of iron bridge over the holy river Ganga and is also stated as a landmark. 
    2. Jumpin Heights: if one wants some thrilling experience and it one is in this city, they need not to worry because this place has a lot to offer when it comes to thrilling adventure. One can enjoy the chance of doing bungee jumping where one has to jump from approximately 85 meters above sea level. Apart from that one can enjoy river water rafting, river crossing, etc. 
    3. Neekanth Mahadev Temple: this temple holds a very sacred importance for all the religious people especially on the day celebrated in India, Shivratri. It is situated on a hill, at an altitude of 1330 mts, and is a temple for Lord Shiva. It is a very known temple and is a sacred pilgrimage in Rishikesh. 
    4. Ram Jhula:  it is a famous landmark in rishikesh and is also a bridge just like Lakshman Jhula. Its length is 450 feet connecting Shivananda ashram with Swargashram.  It is a bridge connecting the city to numerous beautiful temples in Rishikesh. 
    5. Triveni Ghat: it is a sacred ghat in this city which is known for its famous Ganga Arti. Triveni words comes from joining two words Tri (three) and Veni(confluence) meaning confluence of three.


  • Tera Manzil Temple : it is one of the famous tourist spot and holy multi- storey temple in located in the banks of the holy river Ganga. It is known as Trimbakeshwar Mandir, it has a shrine in each storey and has several hindu deities in there. 
  • Vashishtha Cave: it is an ancient cave where great Sage Vashishtha meditated. He was said to be Lord brahma’s son, one of the seven great sages (saptarishi). It is located 25kms away from the rishikesh, and it a very popular and known place amongst people who love silence and love meditating as one can meditate in the silence hearing the subtle flow of th River Ganges. 
  • Sawargashram :  this ashram was built in the memory of swami Vishudhanand, the saint who was known as Kali Kamli Wala( the saint with a black blanket). It is located in in the Gangapar, Ram Jhula. this place has a vibrant vibe and is a centre of attraction for not only tourists people but also people who love shopping. 
  • Raghunath Temple, Rishikesh: it is one of the most important place for religious ceremonies in rishikesh and is one one of the most important places as it is dedicated to Lord Rama and his wife Sita. It is believed that river Yamuna and river Saraswati joins with River Ganga here. it hold a lot of religious importance.




  • Beatles Ashram: there is an ashram made in the memory of late Guru Maharishi Ashram where the Fab- four band players stayed here during 1968 and composed over 50 songs staying in this sacred place. Smitten by the heavenly aura of the holy township, Ringo Starr awaited here for about 10 days whereas, Paul McCartney stayed here for 4-5 weeks while John Lenon and George garrison stayed here for about 8 weeks learning meditation knowing about the culturally rich and sacred place here. 


Rishikesh is a place of worship, a place of self discovery, and is a place for anyone who wants to find depth in their life. with all that vibrance and credo of religious things happening all around it still manages to be a place which fits in the heart of all human beings.

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