Ways to start drinking whisky

People have been drinking whisky for centuries, but only recently have the ways to drink it become so varied. The majority of the people have been strictly preaching to drink neat whisky in a high ball for all those centuries. But as the consumer demand for whisky cocktails has increased, it has incentivised coopers to also play around with the make to serve the best whisky that appeases your palette. For a beginner, here are some of the tips to get started on your whisky journey.

Ways of serving whisky

Whisky can be served on the rocks, which is usually done in a tumbler or rocks glass. This style of serving is most popular with frequent whisky drinkers, as they like to enjoy their drink without any dilution from ice. For those who don’t want to worry about too much dilution, there’s also whisky and soda. A classic combination that goes well on any occasion.

When you’re feeling thirsty on a hot summer day or night, try adding ginger ale to your whisky for some extra fizz. Different combinations of liquids and ingredients can be experimented with until you find what works best for your tastes. There are plenty of ways to customise cocktails to suit both your mood and palate!

In a cocktail

The most common way to drink whisky is in cocktails. It’s also a brilliant way to introduce people to the idea of whisky and experiment with different flavours. Some of the cocktails to start your whisky journey, especially in summers, are bourbon punches such as whisky sour, the old fashioned, rye and bitters like Sazerac. Never forget the ginger ale or a ginger beer that works as the perfect sidekick for whiskies. The type of whisky matters for the cocktail is the important point. Already flavourful and high-end whiskies are not usually the best choice. 

Room temperature or chilled

The first thing to remember is that room temperature is best for some whiskies. Drinks like Scotch, Canadian whisky and Irish whisky are best consumed at the temperature they were made (which is usually around 60-62 degrees Fahrenheit). If you want to chill your drink, try putting it in the freezer for about 30 minutes before serving. When it comes to storing your bottles of whisky at home, keep them away from heating ducts or radiators and out of direct sunlight.

You can drink whisky in many different ways.

Whisky is an acquired taste. If you’re new to whisky, start by mixing it with another drink, like ginger ale or cola. This will help reduce the alcohol content and give you a chance to get used to its flavour before drinking straight from the bottle. When you’re ready for something more serious, that’s the best time to buy costlier options. The better the quality of whisky you buy, the better it will go down. Online stores are a great way to get your hands on the best whisky.


Drinking is supposed to be fun, and as long as that’s the case, you’re doing good with your whisky. It can be a part of your meal or enjoyed on its own, so there’s no reason not to try some of these different ways of drinking it. Just remember to digest your drinks well before going to bed to avoid those unbearable hangovers.

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