New Christmas Movies You Can Not Miss Out On

The magic of Christmas is undeniable! It can turn the hard times into delights and can replace hopelessness into hopefulness. Its beautiful lights and cheery decorations are hard to resist and can bring a smile to everyone’s face. No matter how hard life has become after the inception of deadly coronavirus it failed to fade the excitement for Christmas in our hearts. 

Sitting in your cozy living room and watching amazing Christmas movies is a treat that fills our hearts with joy. Every household has its kind of list of must-watch for Christmas however, there are some other fantastic movies that you should not miss out on this Christmas. 

You can search for the best Christmas movies on Netflix but you need to have a sound internet connection so you won’t miss any opportunity to watch fantastic movies this Christmas. Xfinity TV would be your perfect pick as it includes various premium movie channels that you will love to watch. 

The list of amazing Christmas movies is so long but for your convenience, we have cherry-picked the truly interesting Christmas movies to turn your Christmas more fun and joyous.

So, let’s have a look at the list together!

White Christmas

Premiered in 1954, this classic piece is the best pick for you to add to the list of must watched best Christmas movies this time. We would like to suggest you not miss this classic movie out if you want to make your Christmas eve for excited and joyful. It is best to watch together with the entire family. So, bring everyone around the TV and turn it on to have the best movie experience this Christmas. 

Dear Christmas

If you are looking for a love-based movie try out this one. Because it is a perpetual love story that cherishes modern but true love. And that’s what has made it a wondrous movie for Christmas. A perfect pick to have lit up a romantic environment on this beautiful and coziest Christmas. So, if you want to have a memorable and beautiful Christmas eve with your loved ones watch it together


Who doesn’t want to watch Emma Roberts on screen especially on Christmas? Of course, no one. What can be a perfect excuse than watching Holidate this Christmas to see her? Sound exciting? Isn’t it? Watch this romantic comedy revolving around two people seeking a serious relationship on this holiday. And eventually decided to date each other in the holidays. Thus, turn into Holidate. 

Feliz Navidad

What an amazing movie! It is a fun, tragedy and love-based movie centering on the story of a widower who had lost his wife (love of life) just before Christmas and has no interest in cheering Christmas at all after the death of his wife. Eventually, his sister and daughter try to bring him back to normal life by introducing him to a dating app so he can find someone to fall in love with again. Want to know more? Watch the movie this Christmas to know his journey for love.  

Jingle Jangle: A Christmas Journey

Featuring the big stars and bearing the sensational song by John Legend this movie is best for melting your heart this Christmas. It is a story of adventure that a young girl does to help her grandfather. Her grandfather is a toymaker and she went on an adventure to recover his grandfather’s most remarkable inventions. 

The movie has beautifully showcased the challenges she faced for attaining that mission. If you want to make movie time a great treat you should consider this utterly heartfelt movie on the list to watch with your kids at home this Christmas. 

Wrapping It Up

Christmas is a magical thing! Even if this chronic disease has confined us to the spaces of our home the magic of Christmas has spread all over the world. Because nothing can take away the joy of this event from the world, not even the coronavirus. So, give some extra flavor to this magical Christmas with these must-watch Christmas movies this year. 


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