7 Ways to Address Your Biggest Skin Care Regrets 

Everyone wants beautiful skin. But sometimes people make mistakes that unintentionally clog their pores or speed up the aging process. This can leave you with lackluster results. The good news is that there are steps you can take to fix your skin and get the glow you’re looking for. Outlined below are seven common skincare regrets and how you can address them today. 

1. Not Wearing Sunscreen

Spending time in the sun can give you more than just a tan. Unprotected sun exposure is also a leading cause of an aging complexion. The simplest way to protect your skin from the rays is to wear sunscreen daily. But, if you’ve been skipping the SPF, you may already notice signs of sun damage on your face. 

An anti-aging treatment like prescription retinoid cream can help you look like you never missed a day of sunscreen. Retinoid creams are clinically proven to help prevent and reverse fine lines, wrinkles, and dark spots. In addition to incorporating anti-aging treatment, start using sunscreen every morning before leaving your house. 

2. Popping Your Pimples 

When a pesky pimple appears, you may be tempted to try and pop it. However, popping a pimple can do more harm than good. Not only does picking at your acne cause redness and scabbing, but it can also lead to post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation. This refers to the dark mark left behind after a pimple heals. 

If acne has left you with discolored skin, try incorporating a vitamin C serum into your routine. Vitamin C serum is a powerful skincare tool that can be used to brighten skin and reduce dark spots. When choosing a serum, look for one that is 10-20% vitamin C. Any less, and you won’t see much benefit, but any more could cause skin irritation. 

3. Skipping Eye Cream 

Does your nighttime skincare routine include eye cream? If not, you’ll want to add an extra step. Since the skin around your eyes is more delicate than other areas of your face, it tends to age faster. Hydrating products like eye creams or face moisturizers can help combat the aging process and reduce the appearance of fine lines. 

When choosing an eye cream, there are two key ingredients you want to look for, retinol or vitamin C. Both ingredients help combat fine lines and prevent new wrinkles from forming. If the price of eye cream makes you flinch, a regular moisturizer containing these ingredients will also do the trick. 

4. Using Your Friend’s Skincare Routine 

Your best friend has glowing skin, so you started following their skincare routine. Now your skin is irritated, and you’re dealing with daily breakouts. What happened? Everyone’s skin is unique, so just because one product works well for someone doesn’t mean it’s right for you. That’s why it’s important to use products customized to your skincare needs. 

Before purchasing any products, you need to first identify your skin type. There are four main types of skin, oily, dry, combination, and sensitive. To identify your skin type, wash your face and make note of how it feels 30 minutes later. If your skin feels tight, you may have dry skin. If you notice shininess across your face, you likely have oily skin. 

5. Forgetting Your Neck

Many people understand the importance of taking care of their face. But less people realize that you also need to focus on your neck. Just like the skin on your face, your neck is subject to aging as well. Failing to take care of your neck can leave you with wrinkles and age spots. 

If you’ve been neglecting your neck, don’t stress. Starting a neck care routine can help reverse and prevent damage. When you’re cleansing your face or applying sunscreen, simply bring your products down your neck. The skincare routine you follow for your face will work perfectly fine for the skin on your neck. So there’s no need to purchase new, expensive products. 

6. Not Washing Your Pillow Case 

If washing your pillowcase isn’t part of your cleaning ritual, it should be. Even if you cleanse your face before bed, you still have small amounts of oil and dirt on your hair and skin. This collects on your pillowcase and can cause acne.

So how often should you clean your pillowcase? Once a week should do the trick. To ensure your pillowcase is as clean as possible, use a high-quality detergent and hot water. 

7. Skipping the Dermatologist Appointment

Even if you wear sunscreen every day, you’re still at risk of developing skin cancer. If you’ve noticed changes in your skin and shrugged them off, it’s time to make an appointment with a dermatologist. This is especially important if you’re fair-skinned because you have an increased likelihood of developing skin cancer

Along with fair-skinned individuals, people with moles who have noticed changes in shape, size, or coloring should visit a doctor. These changes could be signs of melanoma. Catching melanoma early can help prevent it from spreading, making the treatment process easier. 

Fix Your Skincare Mistakes 

If you’ve noticed your skin doesn’t look as vibrant as it used to, it could be because you’ve accidentally mistreated it. But that doesn’t mean you’re stuck with a dull appearance. Use the tips above to correct skin problems and get your glow back. 

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